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  • Utilizing the Shared Reading Model

    By Prof. Phil Davis on 17 October 2014

    Shared reading is what goes on in sessions where a poem is read aloud to participants who then partake in open-ended discussions. The reasoning behind this intervention is that shared reading can have a positive affect on dementia sufferers. Increasing research evidence has been gathered in support of this potential benefit.

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  • Northern Ireland: A Crisis of Identity

    By Prof. Marianne Elliott on 08 October 2014

    On October 1st 2014 Liverpool University awarded former President Bill Clinton an honorary degree. The citation spoke of his key role in bringing about peace in Northern Ireland.  

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  • Four Types of Crisis - But All a Crisis in Trust

    By Simon Merry on 07 October 2014

    Research has identifies that big businesses are at risk of 4 Types of Crisis. The typology is defined by the cause, outcome and potential for recovery. All have the same emotional impact – they damage trust.

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