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Public Trust in British Business is still Dangerously Low

A recently published, and very interesting Institute of Directors report, highlights the ongoing serious issues around the lack of trust between British businesses and their customers.

The IoD Big Picture Spring 2015 report picks up, amongst other examples, on the findings of the latest YouGov annual analysis of public attitude. Apparently whilst 81% trust teachers and 89% trust nurses, just 25% trust managers of big business. Small business managers do better, but only at 49%.

The report suggests that addressing the lack of support in business should be a priority for government, policy makers and businesses themselves. Failure to do this will see customers and shareholders increasing their suspicions of the motivations of business leaders, and their management decisions and actions. Particularly in areas such as executive pay deals leading to anti-enterprise responses.

Businesses and other organisations looking for specialist high level Continuing Professional Development (CPD) for Leaders and Senior Managers in this area may be interested in looking at the University of Liverpool CPD course ‘Build Trust; Reduce Risk’

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