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Ladders, Snakes and Consumer Trust


Where is your profession on the ladder of public opinion? Are you climbing ladders towards your outcomes or sliding down the snakes towards failure?

If it were a game it wouldn’t really matter but, of course, Trust is an essential pre-requisite of every consumer based profession and enterprise (it is a feature of an efficient Free Market too).

As in the board game analogy it seems to take longer to climb up the ladders than it does to slide down the snakes. The ladders rise and snakes slide from squares depicting the customer journey and experience.

Trust Generators

Ladders rise from the presence of trust generators; listening to and understanding needs and expectation, addressing negative perceptions, focusing on customer priorities, ensuring a smooth customer journey and ensuring that you have a shared set of values. 

The snakes appear when the consumer is disrespected, when false perceptions fester, a business is full of its own self-importance, does things to suit itself and is out of line with consumer values.

The tallest ladders rise when consumers have been engaged in design. This leads to loyalty, to advocacy, to genuine feedback, to respect for your staff and even to empathy – which is helpful if (when) something does go wrong.

Like the board game the pursuit of trust is simple but it will raise some significant challenges along the way.  It must be designed into the business plan and cycle. It must go way beyond leadership Vision and rhetoric – it must be embedded.  It must course through the blood stream of the organization.

It’s odd that such a fundamental human emotion at the heart of all relationships should be a challenge for professions and organisations, but it is.

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