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Why Bother (Building Trust)? Maybe We'll Get Lucky...


Why Bother (Building Trust)? Maybe We'll Get Lucky...

… one popular rationale for not designing trust into your organisation.  Others include “We can be trusted, it’s the others” and “What’s trust got to do with it”.

The ”Maybe we’ll get lucky” excuse is on a par with building a business on a strategy of “hope” and it is what is suggested that the American NFL (National Football League) have relied on.

The NFL is an icon of American Sport and a huge business with stakeholders at every level from the Fan to Sponsor to Shareholder.  They have been tripped up over allegations of domestic abuse which I doubt they ever envisioned. Read the article if you want some detail ( ) but ultimately they have failed to deal with a moral issue. At the least, they have become distracted from their purpose and - at the worst - they could fail.

In this sense, failing to build their business on a set of shared values has resulted in an inconsistent approach to an issue. The issue could have been anything of a contentious nature and it has led to a crisis of trust and all that follows.

Getting one thing so badly out of alignment with commonly shared values generates a reputation failure and importantly, they have lost the assurance that they will do the right thing in the future.  Sponsors have become nervous.

In consumer trust terms the charge is failing to establish and operate to a set of values.  The article points out that it is much more efficient to secure trust at the outset than to try and recover it. Establishing shared Values is one of six drivers of trust and confidence. 

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