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Creating Customised CPD Programmes for your Organisation

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Organisations from all sectors, whether they are Private Companies, Public Organisations or Civil Society Organisations, are increasingly focusing their training spend on developing CPD programmes tailored to their organisations specific strategic development needs.

They are seeing the wide range of benefits which can be gained from this targeted approach to using CPD as a business development tool. Benefits such as a clearly demonstrated Return on Investment from their training spend, increased innovation in processes, products and services from learning linked directly to specific organisational objectives, increased competitiveness from new high level knowledge tailored to your specific marketplace, opportunity to be inclusive and train whole teams together, cost effectiveness through group training rather than funding individuals, and the flexibility of course scheduling and venue location based on your requirements.

But what is the most cost effective and efficient way to develop this type of ‘customised’ CPD training course approach. What can and can’t be done from a training supplier’s point of view? Is it actually possible to practically develop learning programmes and learning objectives which will genuinely impact on the business needs of an individual organisation?

8 Key Steps to Achieve Maximum Impact

The answer is to use a structured CPD programme development process, based on a number of clear development steps, which if completed correctly will give a clear trail to demonstrate the impact of the learning undertaken in a customised CPD course. The 8 key steps are;

1. Develop an initial broad outline or concept document with both the organisational development objectives which need to be addressed/supported, and the top level knowledge gaps which exist if these objectives are to be achieved.

2. Hold an exploratory development meeting with your prospective training provider, and identify whether they have the knowledge base to provide the high level learning input you will require, and can deliver this learning using a tailored delivery model, specific learning objectives and, if required, suitable assessment methods.

3. Request a written outline proposal from your potential training and education provider, which includes the key learning delivery features and breakdown of the new knowledge to be provided within the learning programme, their detailed linkages to your organisational objectives, and how the course will be evaluated to measure its impact and benefit to both course delegates and the organisation.

4. Review the proposal with the key stakeholders within your organisation, including potential course delegates and their line managers. Agree any required changes or additions.

5. Meet with your potential training and education provider to feedback your responses, and detailed thinking on how you would like the course to be delivered. Include for example; precise timings for delivery, on-line and/or face to face delivery elements, reports from the training supplier, and agree final prices and contract.

6. During CPD programme delivery, particularly for longer CPD courses, make certain your supplier is in constant contact with you to ensure any detailed adjustments which may be needed in the delivery can be identified, and adjusted immediately.

7. On completion of the CPD course, use the course evaluation information to review the immediate impact of the learning delivered to your course delegates. On an ongoing basis measure the impact of the new learning and knowledge on, for example; new or improved business processes, new services or products developed, improved performance, and ultimately their impact against the relevant organisational development objectives.

8. Meet with your training provider to review the impact of the customised CPD course, and agree future changes and improvements and new requirements for further identified CPD courses.

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